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What is the Vulcan County Alert?

Vulcan County Alert is for emergency alerts. It helps us contact you in a crisis: floods, tornadoes, wildfires, hazardous material spills, and any other emergencies that might affect you or your family. You will receive official, reliable information about what’s happening and what you need to do about it.

About the Safe Communities Alert Network Regional Partnership

Vulcan County has partnered with seven other neighbouring municipalities on this regional emergency notifications system. Participating municipalities include High River, MD of Foothills, Turner Valley, Longview, Okotoks, Vulcan, and Black Diamond. The system is hosted by Foothills 911.

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1. How does the Safe Communities Alert Network work?
When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your location. You can enter your home address and other locations important to you, such as a school, workplace, or a relative’s home. Next, you’ll be asked for any phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or text message numbers where we can reach you.

In a crisis, we’ll use your contact information to reach you with important information about what’s happening and any steps you need to take to protect yourself or your family. For example, we might warn you of a chemical spill threatening your area, give you details on evacuation, and let you know when it’s safe to return home. We’ll use all your phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or text message numbers one-by-one until we reach you.

NOTE: This system is powered by Everbridge. When you receive an alert, please do not call the phone number, as the system is automated and there will be no one to answer and no ability to leave a voice mail.

2. When will the Alert System be used?
The Safe Communities Alert Network will be used to notify you about emergent, significant and time-sensitive emergency events affecting Vulcan County. System administrators will send notifications regarding:

• Critical Alerts (immediate life threatening danger)

• Information Bulletins (extraordinary situations to be aware of and prepare for)

• Volunteer Requests (opportunities to assist with disaster relief)

Alert messages can also be sent to you about incidents happening near your home, work, school, or other address locations you choose in your settings.

We’ll send out test messages three (3) times each year to be sure everything is working, and to remind you to keep your contact information up-to-date.

3. How will you receive the alerts?
The Safe Communities Alert Network system will send emergency messages to voluntary subscribers through the following means (depending on what method(s) you select when signing up):

• Home phone

• Work phone

• Cell phone (work and/or personal)

• Email (work and/or personal)

• SMS text messages

• Mobile app (available for Android and iPhone)

Subscribers can manage in what order they would prefer to receive alerts during the sign-up process. These settings can be managed by the subscriber after signing up as well.

• Email notifications will be sent from “Safe Communities Alert Network”

• Telephone notifications will be sent from call display 999-999-9999. You can save this number in your phone as “Safe Communities Alert Network”

• Text message notifications will be sent from call display 89362 (standard message rate may apply). You can save this number in your phone as “Safe Communities Alert Network”

Please note: the alerts will be sent only until you confirm that you have received them. For example: if you receive an alert to your landline and confirm you have received it, the system will stop trying to reach you and you will not receive the alert through the additional phone numbers or emails that you signed up with.

4. Will signing up help first responders?
The Safe Communities Alert Network can not only save your life, but it can also help first responders save others. For example, if there is an emergency we might ask you to evacuate and confirm through the Safe Communities Alert Network that you have left the area. First responders could then prioritize checking out homes where we haven’t heard from the residents.
5. Why is it important for you to provide an address?
The Safe Communities Alert Network is a sophisticated system that allows us to use targeted mapping and address locations to notify a specific group of residents. Alerts can be sent out according to the geographic area affected. Entering your important addresses, like your home address, allows us to notify you if there is an urgent situation in the immediate vicinity of that address. You can enter up to five addresses into the alert system. Addresses can include your workplace, children’s school, daycare, home address, etc.
6. Will you still get emergency notifications if you don't sign up?
No, you will only receive emergency alerts from the Safe Communities Alert Network if you sign up.

In an emergency, Vulcan County authorities will do whatever they can to protect lives, such as going door-to-door, alerting the media, etc. But in most situations, the Safe Communities Alert Network is the fastest, most direct, and easiest way for you to get critical information. Plus, it’s official information – none of the rumors or misinformation you often get from social media and word-of-mouth reports.

In the event of a local disaster, Vulcan County residents will also be notified through the Alberta Emergency Alert system. In addition, information will be available through any/all of the following channels:

• Local radio stations

• Local sign boards

• Door-to-door visits by emergency personnel (if necessary) Alberta Emergency Alerts

7. What is the difference between Alberta Emergency Alert and the Safe Communities Alert Network?
Alberta Emergency Alert is a provincially run emergency alert system that provides information about disasters throughout Alberta. It is also designed to send out information over radio, television, websites and directly to residents via personalized contact systems. The Safe Communities Alert Network system only provides information specific to Vulcan County residents. You are encouraged to sign up for both systems, and both systems will be used during an emergency. Alberta Emergency Alert
8. What if your phone number or email address changes?
The system is only as good as the information you provide. If your contact information changes, please be sure to visit your profile and update your information. It is recommended that you write down your username and password and keep it safe.
9. Why can't you register as a family?
It is recommended that you sign up for the alerts as an individual, rather than by family unit. This ensures the notification system reaches all parties through their own personal contact devices.
10. What is the additional information for?
When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to provide additional information

• Hearing impairments

• Vision impairments

• Mobility impairments

• Reliance on home medical equipment

• Pets

During an emergency, First Responders may use this information to target those that may require special assistance to protect themselves: for example, those that may require assistance evacuating, or those whose home medical equipment may not be working during a power outage.

11. Will your contact information be shared with others?
No. The information that you provide will be used only by Vulcan County for Safe Communities Alert Network messages. You can change or cancel your registration at any time.
12. Who can you contact if you have questions?
If you require further assistance or have questions regarding the Safe Communities Alert Network, call Kim Fath at Town of Vulcan at 403-485-2417.

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