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Public Swim Update

Vulcan Pool Schedule Update:

We are very happy that the pool is a popular place this summer, but we know that it has been too popular which is causing long line ups and delays getting into the pool.

We have heard from many people that they would like us to explore ways to let more people experience the pool. As a result, we are going to have 3 sessions during public swim times.

Each session is about 2 hours in length.  This action is hoped to help people have a better experience at the pool but please understand that this has the potential to cause other unforeseen issue with your pool use.

We will evaluate this plan in a  week and see the effectiveness of this plan.

Starting July 29th, 2021, we will have the following blocks for public swim.  After each block the pool will be cleared then the next session can enter.  If the pool has not reached its capacity during a session people will have the choice to enter on the understanding that at the end of the designated time the pool will be cleared which will limit their time in the pool

 The session are as follows:

Monday to Thursday

Session 1 - 1pm- 3pm

Session 2 - 3:15pm –5:15pm

Session 3 - 5:30pm- 7:30pm


Session 1 - 1pm- 3pm

Session 2 - 3:15pm –5:15pm

Session 3 - 5:30pm- 8:30pm

Saturday & Sunday

Session 1 - 1pm- 2:50pm

Session 2 - 3:05pm –4:55pm

Session 3 - 5:10pm- 7:00pm

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