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Vulcan CO-ED Slo-Pitch League

Hi to all new & returning teams.With what's going on in the world we are limited to the number of teams in each league. If we receive enough einterest we will creat additional leages were required. Also this year we will be limited to one diamond as the other two diamonds get a facelift. This year the season has been shortened as we get started June 23 and run till the end of July, Playoffs will be the first week of August. This season we have aditional rules and guidlines to follow, as we keep everyone safe and healthy. This is a very unusual time for us all & we will get through it all together.

Please stay safe & take care.Lets hope we see each other sooner than later.

  1. Schedule
  2. Standings
  3. League Rules
  4. Covid Guidelines
Date Home   Away  
June 23` Village Idiots  9       Bandits 19        
 June 25 Batley Crew  0 Outlaws  10
 Rescheduled July 8 Batley Crew    30 Village Idiots    12
July 2 Bandits  14 Outlaws  10
July 7 Batley Crew   10 Bandits  0
 July 9 Village Idoits  10 Outlaws  33
 July 14 Outlaws  21 Batley Crew  24
July 16 Bandits  15 Village Idiots  11
july 21 Outlaws 10  Bandits  9
July 23 Village Idiots  10 Batley Crew  0
July 28 Outlaws  0 Village Idiots  10
July30 Bandits  0 Batley Crew  10
August 4 Outlaws  10 Village Idiots  0
 August 5 Batley Crew   Bandits  
August 6 Outlaws   Winner August 5  


Teams Wins Losses Ties





Batley Crew  4            2             6 8            2
Bandits  3  3   6 6  3
Village Idots  2  4   6 4  4
Outlaws  4  2   6 8  1
Updated Aug 3, 2020


Vulcan Community 2020 Co-ed Slo-Pitch Rules



  • Due to the short season the cost will be $80 to cover the insurance and other expenses


Keeping Score

  1. Both Teams MUST submit their score after the game to the recreation office.  Teams submitting their score within 24 hours
  2. Scorekeepers from both teams need to agree on the score at the end of the game before teams leave the diamond.


  1. There is a 3 home run rule +1.  A team can only hit 3 home runs per game until the other team hits 3 home runs.  Once both teams have hit 3 home runs, teams may then go ahead by 1 home run.  Any home run hit before the opposing team has hit 3 home runs will be considered an out, as well as any home run hit to put a team more than one home run ahead (after 3 for each team) will also be considered an out. A home run is classified as a ball leaving the playing area in fair territory in the air.  The game cannot end on a home run that puts your team 1 up in the home run count. In that case the batter is skipped the next batter is brought into the box and any base runners return to the last legally attained base
  2. 5 run mercy rule per inning, team is allowed to go ahead 5 runs per ending.  The 7th inning being open, a team can go ahead as many as it take to get 3 outs.   If a team is ahead by 10 runs or more after 6 innings, the game is called.
  3. The format is 7 guys and a minimum of 3 girls on the field at a time.
  4. All player will be 16 years of age or older
  5. Guy/Girl batter line up - 2 girls cannot bat in a row.  No more than 3 guys cannot bat in a row.
  6. Guy/ girl battery rule – The pitcher and catcher cannot both be girls or both guys.
  7. Players must run behind home plate to score a run.  If the runner touches home plate, that player will be called out.  There is no commitment line.
  8. Umpires decision is final. No appeals.
  9. Men will hit 12” balls and Women will hit 11” balls. Or whatever both teams agree on.
  10. NO BUNTING. A bunt is an automatic out. No stealing.
  11. The batter will be automatically out if the ball is hit at or near the pitcher
  12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the playing field.  the offending team will be immediately disqualified from further play and all monies will be forfeited.  No excuses, no exceptions.
  13. If teams are forced to play short handed (still must have 3 girls), they must take an out at the bottom of the batting order for every player missing. Example: If a team can only field an 8-player team, the missing “9th & 10th persons” will be considered an out when those “players” come up to bat.  If the “9th player” is the third out of an inning, the “10th player” will be considered the first out of the following inning.  Missing players may be added to the roster when they show up, up to a 10 or 12-person roster (see rule #15).
  14. Teams may use either 10 or 12 hitters (7 guys/3 girls or 8guys/4girls)
  15. No player may play for more than one team.  All rosters are frozen for the finals.  This means anyone that hasn’t played for that team before the final is ineligible.
  16. Any walk to a male batter, intentional or unintentional, with a female batter following, results in the male being awarded second base but the female must hit and cannot walk.
  17. Fields shall be free of foreign materials and only approved softball equipment shall be used.
  18. The Town requires you to fill out a roster for insurance purposes and for qualification standards.  These rosters must be filled out online at the beginning of the season. Any team not submitting a roster will forfeit their registration fee and be out of the league.

Vulcan Slo-pitch League Covid 19 Guidelines

Please note these are guidelines and do not guarantee or claim to guarantee they will stop the spread of COVID-19 during a slo-pitch game or practise.

 - When teams arrive at their game there is to be no form of pregame warmup with teammates. Please do your warmups on your own. - It is the coaches and players responsibility to insure all current social distancing restrictions are adhered to. - When on offence, please use the dugout only when necessary. Allow the on- deck batter and batter, the appropriate distance to get on to the field of play. - While on offense and waiting for your turn at bat, use the out of play boundary or the fence to stand, insure you are standing at least 2 meters away from your closest teammate.

Coaches Responsibilities- Coaches, as in the regular rules of slo-pitch, you are responsible for your players. There are various rules in the rulebook that hold both the player and the coach responsible for the player’s actions. As a coach you need to ensure the guideline put forth by the league are adhered to.

 Personal Protection

  •  Do not come to the game if you are ill, show any symptoms or have been around someone who is ill - There will be a maximum 12 people allowed per/team including the scorekeeper - If a scorekeeper is used, then they must be included in the 12 allowable people per/team, Player can not play for more then one team at any time.
    •    The use of mask or face shield is recommended
    •    The use of personal fitted batting gloves at all times is recommended
    •    The use of individual antibacterial hand sanitizer is recommended
    •    The use of individual bats is recommended
    •    It is recommended that each team use their own set of balls, minimizing the number of people who touch the ball by half. 
    •    Balls should be wiped before each inning
    •    Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
    •    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or into your elbow when coughing or sneezing
    •    Do not spit 
    •    Wash your hands often

Arrival/Departure at the Fields
•    There will be absolutely no congregating at parks, facilities, or parking areas before or after your game.

Social Distancing During the Game

  •  There will be a no contact, “no handshakes or high fiving” 
    •    No warmup of any kind before games. 
    •    During batting, players will need to line up along the fence outside of the diamond spread out accordingly
    •    The dug out will only be used by the on deck batter, or participants can distance accordingly to space available
    •    Coaches will stand 2 meters away from 1st and 3rd base at all times, however, it is recommended that there be no base coaches
    •    The catcher will stand 2 meters behind the strike mat
  •  Immediately upon the completion of the game, all members will leave the diamond area
    •    Spectators must sit socially distanced from team members and other spectators
    •    It is recommended that spectators be kept to a minimum
    •    No coaching conferences or group huddles
    •    All garbage must be collected and removed by each team after the game

- It is also the coach’s responsibility to ensure their dugout contains both hand sanitizer and alcohol based sanitary wipes. As the coach, either bring these items yourself or designate a different teammate. - Please remind your players to insure they follow all current social distancing guidelines put forth in your area by the various levels of government.

Players Responsibilities

Players, as in the regular rules of slo-pitch you are responsible for your actions. There are various rules in the rulebook that hold you, the player responsible for your actions. As a player you need to ensure the guidelines put forth by the league are adhered to.  - No personal ball bags, or equipment allowed in the players bench area. Once you arrive at the game and your dugout side is determined, pick a spot along the fence or out of play line etc. and then put your personal equipment in this area. Please make sure all your teammates respect the rules of social distancing when picking their own areas to store their equipment. - Please remind your fellow players to insure they follow all current social distancing guidelines put forth in your area by the various levels of government. Rules of the Social Distance Slo-pitch Game.

- Batting order will be as follows Visiting team bats 1st inning, Home team bats 1st and 2nd inning, Visiting team bats 2nd and 3rd inning, Home team bats 3rd and 4th inning, Visiting team bats 4th and 5th inning, Home team bats 5th and 6th innings, Visiting team bats 6th and 7th inning, Home team bats 7th inning if necessary -

- Only batter runner, on deck batter and any base runners are allowed on the playing field while on offense.

- The batter runner, when hitting the ball, is to drop the softball bat on the way to first base and the on-deck batter is to pick it up by the barrel and place in the dugout. In the case of an out the batter/runner is to retrieve their own softball bat.

 - General playing rules apply for a social distancing ball game when leaving the field or entering the field of play. Please ensure all social distance rules are adhered to.

 - There is to be no hand slapping or physical contact during the game to congratulate anyone for good play’s etc.

 - Zero warmup allowed on the infield this includes the pitchers.

- There is to be no form of gathering for 3 cheers or any other physical celebration contact with your team or the opposing team following the game.

It is imperative that all participants conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. Failure to accept the necessary measures put forward by league or event organizers shall not be tolerated. 
Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

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